PROJECT NIO-MON is a follow up on an art project called Issho-ni/ Tomo-ni, and is initiated by Dutch artist Jikke van Loon. In 2015 she travelled to the former home town of two magnificant Japanese Temple Guardians, nowadays living in the National Museum of Amsterdam. She went to say thank you to their former gate and home, the Niomon, that belonged to the Iwayaji area in Okuizumo cho, Shimane. 

This ‘Thank You’ resulted in a wider international movement of bringing home these Temple Guardians to their home town. A foundation in both Japan and the Netherlands has been founded to enable the making of a gate, in both physical and non physical way, for the returning Temple Guardians.  

Niomon Foundation NL:

By initiative of artist Jikke van Loon
Phone nr: +31653423831
BankAccount: NL25TRIO 0320 2394 62
KVK: 824 26 988

Chairman: Radboud Molijn, Managing Director Global Bridges BV, Member Supervisory Board Yahama Motor Europe NV. Former member Tomoko Mukayama Foundation.

Secretary: Josha Sietsma, Teacher at Corderius College Amersfoort, Member of the Board of the Netherlans-Japan Association

Treasurer: Pier van Loon, actuary

Member: Maarten Meurkens Founder of

Advisory Board:
Naoko Nizawa
Kana Nakamoto

Committee of Recommendation
Menno Fitski, Head Asian Department Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
Emmy Verheij, violist

2021 Artists:
Jikke van Loon,
Sachi Miyachi,

2021 Project Assistent:
Kisho Matsuo,
Masaya Inaba from Frasco:

2021 HELD Thomas Meurkens
2021 Yurie Hayashi
2021 Master of Zoom Diederik Eggenkamp

Ippan Shadan Hōjin NIO-MON Yokota
Chairwoman: Nizawa Naoko

Member: Radboud Molijn

THE NIŌMON FOUNDATION aims to facilitate and organize the art project Niōmon2021-2025, as a follow-up to the return of temple guards A and UN to their original hometown Yokota, initiated by artist Jikke van Loon (NL) .The aim of this project is to build and / or strengthen the original gate “Niōmon” in both physical and meta-physical form. A Niōmon is a portal to 'wisdom, compassion, love, respect and knowledge'. This project aims to promote these values by examining and delving deeper into our own and other people's frames and realities in annual AIR, debates, workshops, lectures and exchange projects and everything that can be conducive to them.

The art project Niōmon is under the conceptual direction of Jikke van Loon.
2. The Foundation tries to achieve its goal by, among other things:
- facilitating AIR, art projects, workshops, lectures, debates;
- organizing exchange trips/ highschool exchange;
- everything that is related to the above in the broadest sense or that can be conducive to it.